Odoo 18 Update: Revolutionizing Shipping for Seamless Logistics

At Stranbys, we are thrilled to announce the latest update to Odoo 18, packed with powerful features designed to elevate your shipping experience. Efficient shipping is crucial for maintaining customer satisfaction and staying competitive. Odoo 18’s enhancements in shipping methods, new connectors, and improved functionalities ensure your business runs smoothly and efficiently.

Dynamic Shipping Method Availability 📦

One of the standout features in Odoo 18 is the improved shipping method availability based on weight, volume, and product tags. This update allows for more precise shipping options tailored to each package, enhancing your logistics efficiency:

  • Weight-Based Shipping: Odoo 18 now calculates shipping costs and options based on package weight, ensuring that light and heavy items alike are handled appropriately. This feature minimizes shipping errors and optimizes costs, making it perfect for businesses with diverse product ranges.
  • Volume-Based Shipping: For businesses dealing with bulky yet lightweight items, volume-based shipping offers a more accurate method to calculate shipping costs. This is particularly useful for industries like furniture, where volume often outweighs mass in determining shipping needs.
  • Product Tag-Based Shipping: Customize your shipping options based on product tags. For example, tag perishable items to automatically select express shipping, ensuring timely delivery and maintaining product integrity.

New Shipping Connectors for Major Carriers 🚚

Odoo 18 introduces new shipping connectors for FedEx, DHL, and USPS, bringing a host of benefits:

  • Real-Time Shipping Rates: Get accurate, real-time shipping rates from FedEx, DHL, and USPS, ensuring you always charge the correct amount for shipping. This helps in providing transparency to customers and avoiding unexpected shipping costs.
  • Automated Tracking: Automatically generate tracking numbers, allowing your customers to monitor their shipments from dispatch to delivery. This feature improves customer confidence and satisfaction by keeping them informed throughout the delivery process.
  • Easy Label Printing: Generate and print shipping labels directly from Odoo, streamlining the shipping process and saving valuable time. This simplifies logistics and ensures that labels are accurate and consistent.

Enhanced Integration with Existing Carriers

Odoo 18 also brings significant improvements to existing integrations with FedEx, DHL, and UPS:

  • Better API Connections: Improved API connections ensure that you always have the most accurate shipping data, reducing errors and delays. This means more reliable shipping estimates and a smoother shipping process.
  • Enhanced Pickup Point Selection: Both backend and frontend enhancements allow for better selection of pickup points for your customers. Whether your customers prefer delivery to a nearby locker, a local store, or directly to their doorstep, you can now provide a wider range of convenient pickup options.

Odoo 18’s updates bring unparalleled improvements to your shipping processes, ensuring your business can handle the demands of modern logistics with ease. From more precise shipping methods to new connectors and enhanced integrations, these features provide a comprehensive solution for all your shipping needs. Contact Stranbys today to learn how Odoo 18’s latest features can revolutionize your logistics and drive your business forward. Our team of experts is here to help you implement and maximize these powerful tools, ensuring a seamless transition and ongoing success.

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