Revolutionize Your Inventory with Odoo 18’s Latest Features!

odoo 18 update in inventory

With the release of Odoo 18, inventory management is getting a major upgrade! Say goodbye to the days of manual tracking and complex logistics. Odoo 18 is here to streamline your operations with innovative features designed to save time, reduce errors, and boost efficiency. Let’s dive into some of the standout features that are set […]

Embrace the Future of Sales & Customer Focus with Odoo 18

Odoo 18 update in sales and customer

At Stranbys, we are thrilled to share some exciting news about the upcoming features of Odoo 18, a game-changing technology set to revolutionize how businesses operate. With a focus on Sales & Customer Focus, Odoo 18 is expected to bring many new features that will enhance your sales team’s performance and build stronger relationships with […]

Rental Success Made Simple: Unlocking Odoo’s Comprehensive Features

rental features

Enter Odoo’s rental application: a comprehensive solution crafted to streamline every aspect of rental operations. From handling orders and schedules to managing products, generating reports, and seamlessly integrating with other systems, Odoo offers a suite of features tailored to enhance efficiency and fuel business growth. Join us as we delve into the core functionalities of […]

Harnessing the Power of Odoo Reporting and Analytics for Business Success

reporting and analysis

Odoo, a powerful and versatile business management software, offers robust reporting and analytics features that can empower organizations to extract actionable insights from their data. We will explore the importance of reporting and analytics in Odoo and how businesses can leverage these tools to drive growth and efficiency. The Significance of Reporting and Analytics in […]

Streamlining Warehouse Operations with Odoo ERP

Odoo Project management

Effective warehouse management is essential for optimizing operations and meeting customer demands efficiently. As industries evolve and businesses expand, the need for a robust system to manage warehouse activities becomes increasingly prominent. This is where Odoo ERP steps in as a comprehensive solution that revolutionizes warehouse management. Odoo ERP offers a suite of powerful tools […]

Discover How Odoo Can Boost Your Business in Easy Words

odoo ERP Software

Hey there, business champs! Ready to learn how Odoo can make your business journey smooth and successful? Let’s dive into the world of Odoo, a super helpful tool that can take your business to the next level. Think of Odoo as a magic toolbox with everything your business needs – like sales, customer management, tracking […]

Migrating to Odoo ERP: A Step-by-Step Guide to Streamline Your Business Operations

odoo ERP

An ERP is crucial to a company’s operations, facilitating information flow and safeguarding corporate secrets. However, even the most faithful ERP systems require upgrades from time to time. Odoo, an open-source ERP with current features and customizable options, is gaining popularity. But hold on, intrepid explorer! Stranbys, your reliable Odoo partner, can help you navigate the […]

Your ERP, Your Way: Exploring ERP Excellence with Customized Odoo Solutions

Odoo ERP

Stranbys Info Solutions is a pioneer in the ERP field, providing customized Odoo solutions that revolutionize corporate processes. Accept the value of custom workflows and procedures that are tailored to your specific company’s requirements. Our solutions, which are no longer limited by one-size-fits-all techniques, enable you to optimize processes and increase efficiency, ensuring that your […]

Future-Proof Your Business with Odoo ERP 2024: The All-in-One Solution for 2024 and Beyond

Odoo ERP

Discover the power of Odoo ERP 2024, a comprehensive business management software that has revolutionized the way companies operate. With a range of modules including Trading, Accounting, Email, Marketing, Project Management, Logistics, and CRM, Odoo offers a complete solution for all your business needs. Trading Features in Odoo ERP Odoo ERP offers a centralized platform […]

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