Next-Level Rental Management: Navigating the Exciting Updates in Odoo 17 with Stranbys Info Solutions

Stranbys Info Solutions continues to lead the way in technology, and now the release of Odoo 17 has exciting new capabilities that promise to change the way organisations manage their tenants. This development not only demonstrates the capabilities of Odoo 17, but also underlines Stranby’s commitment to providing state-of-the-art leasing solutions.

The innovative quality testing tool is one of the key features that sets Odoo 17 apart. Stranbys Info Solutions recognises the importance of providing quality products to its customers. Companies can use the quality check feature to ensure that each product received meets the highest standards before delivering it to customers. This not only increases customer satisfaction but also reduces the chances of complications arising during the tenancy.

A new quality assurance feature

Odoo 17 adds a new quality control capability for rental enterprises. You can use this functionality to develop and maintain quality checklists for your rental products. This can assist you in ensuring that all of your products are in good working order before renting them out to customers.

Link to e-commerce shipping

You can also connect your rental management system to your eCommerce delivery platform using Odoo 17. This means you can print shipping labels instantly and track the delivery of your rented products. This can save you a lot of time and work while also improving the customer experience.

Make fantastic inventory reports.

Odoo 17 comes with a new inventory report generator that allows you to produce custom reports based on your individual requirements. This can help you track your rental inventory, spot trends, and make better business decisions. 

BoM and kits can be rented.

Odoo 17 now supports the rental of BoMs and kits. This is an excellent feature for companies that rent out sophisticated equipment or systems.

Control maintenance flows.

Odoo 17 also offers a new capability for managing maintenance flows. You can use this functionality to design and manage maintenance schedules for your rental products. This might assist you in keeping your products in good shape and avoiding expensive repairs.

Another key breakthrough has been the better integration of e-commerce distribution and rental services. Stranbys Info Solutions understands that in today’s digital age, customers expect a faster and more efficient leasing experience. Companies can now use Odoo 17 to seamlessly integrate their mortgage system with the eCommerce delivery system, providing a seamless, hassle-free experience for businesses and consumers alike.

Using Odoo 17’s advanced reporting tools, you can easily create spectacular inventory reports. Stranbys Info Solutions understands the importance of data in making sound business decisions. Odoo 17’s newly expanded inventory reporting features provide businesses with critical insights into their rentals, enabling them to make data-driven inventory decisions that are positive, follow trends, and lead to success.

Odoo 17 provides a robust solution for organisations with bill of materials (BoM) and kit items. Stranbys Info Solutions ensures that companies can now effectively manage and charge complex multi-factor assets. This update is useful for a variety of businesses, from event management organisations handling stage sets to equipment rental companies managing complex gear.

In addition to these specific upgrades, Stranbys Info Solutions recognises the need to address ongoing maintenance in the rental market. Businesses can now efficiently integrate maintenance services into their rental systems using Odoo 17. This not only extends the life of leased assets but also reduces downtime, improving overall productivity.

Stranby’s commitment to providing complete solutions is evident in these developments, and they have maintained their position as a trusted partner for the rental industry. The company’s and product’s emphasis on this growth demonstrates Stranby’s commitment to understanding the changing needs of the rental market and developing solutions to enable businesses to succeed.

Odoo 17 is teaming up with Stranby’s to redesign leases. These developments demonstrate a forward-thinking approach in line with the changing nature of the rental housing industry, from quality assurance to e-commerce communications, inventory reporting, and services.

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