Premium ERP Solution for Property Management

Stranbys Info Solutions specializes in providing cutting-edge technology solutions for the Property Management industry. With expertise in implementing Odoo ERP, Stranbys empowers Property Management businesses to optimize their processes, improve efficiency, and drive success.


How Property Management Business Works ?

Key Benefits of Using Odoo ERP in Property Management

Holistic Management

Oversee multiple properties, from residential to commercial, all from one unified platform.

Tenant Satisfaction

Streamline tenant communication, maintenance requests, and lease renewals for an enhanced tenant experience.

Scalable Solutions

Whether you manage a few properties or a vast portfolio, Odoo scales to meet your evolving needs.

Efficient Financial Handling

Automate rent collections, expense tracking, and financial reporting for timely insights.

Real-time Analytics

Gain insights into occupancy rates, property valuations, and maintenance schedules.

Types of Property Managment Businesses

Small-scale Property Ventures

Small Property Management businesses can efficiently manage property listings, sales, and leases with an ERP. It automates tasks, streamlines processes, and enhances customer interactions.

Medium-sized Realty Enterprises

For mid-sized firms, an ERP optimizes project planning, financial tracking, and collaboration. It offers real-time insights, enabling informed decisions and growth.

Large Property Management Conglomerates

ERP empowers large companies with comprehensive management of complex portfolios, multiple projects, and intricate financials. It ensures seamless coordination and strategic scalability.

Features Tailored for Property Management ERP

Tenant Management System

Maintain comprehensive tenant profiles, lease agreements, and communication histories.

Maintenance & Repairs

Schedule, track, and manage maintenance tasks, ensuring properties remain in prime condition.

Integrated Billing System

Automate rent invoicing, track payments, and manage security deposits seamlessly.

Document Management

Store lease agreements, property deeds, and other essential documents securely and accessibly.

Vacancy & Marketing Tools

List vacant properties, integrate with property platforms, and analyze marketing campaign effectiveness.

Comprehensive Reporting

Generate detailed reports on property performance, financials, and tenant feedback.

Why ERP is important for my business?

Implementing an ERP like Odoo in your Property Management business can revolutionize operations. It centralizes information, reduces manual errors, enhances collaboration, and boosts productivity. By automating routine tasks and offering real-time insights, Odoo enables you to focus on strategic growth while ensuring customer satisfaction and regulatory compliance.

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