Premium ERP Solution for Fire & Safety

Stranbys Info Solutions specializes in providing cutting-edge technology solutions for the Fire & Safety industry. With expertise in implementing Odoo ERP, Stranbys empowers Fire & Safety businesses to optimize their processes


Challenges in the Fire & Safety Industry

Project management:

In this module the whole project is divided into modules. These modules are assigned to selected teams of people. A project goes through all stages and sub-stages to success. You will be informed of the current status and overview of your project.
Efficiently track project progress to find issues and risks associated with your project. It also helps control project costs such as material costs, labor costs, subcontracting, tooling and overhead costs.

Human Resources and Payroll

Payroll manages your company's payroll. The steps include creating an employee profile with all relevant details, calculating payroll, tax deductions, paying salaries, managing benefits, generating WPS, SIF files, gratuities, etc. By using an integrated HR and payroll system, both departments can easily share information and communicate. Handle payroll with project timesheet management  


The module keeps a warehouse's stock at a proper level. Monitoring item usages, reporting inventory status, recognising inventory demands, merging inventory balances, and connecting the data with sales, procurement, and finance modules to provide vigilant reports are all part of inventory control.

Sales and Purchasing

This module reports the right amount of required material at the right time for the better functioning of the company. Automate the process of identifying potential suppliers, negotiating prices, sending orders to suppliers, and invoicing processes. 

Powerful quotes/rates

Our robust estimating software system allows you to verify actual and estimated costs during or after work. This improves the accuracy of future offers and quotes as well as current costs. Productivity is improved because technicians have better control over their work. 

Job costing

This module tracks all costs associated with a particular job or project. This way you can manage the tools and components you need for your desired project. Plus, you can easily spot project costs that don't match budget estimates. 

AMC Management

An annual maintenance fee keeps you up to date with the latest technology. After installing the system, you can seamlessly track the services you need to provide your customers with a seamless experience. It also supports billing planning with onsite visit management.
The system helps manage billing and revenue and saves time by automating recurring invoices, payment reminders, etc. The ERP is easy to use and responsive to maintenance and billing tasks. and assign cases.


This module provides comprehensive management and integration of financial information within an enterprise. We can retrieve all key documents and provide all financial statements corresponding to your annual financial activities. 


The financial module is the main part of the ERP software system. Collect financial data from other functional departments and produce clear financial reports such as general ledger, balance sheet, trial balance and financial statements. 

Integrated CRM

We have a web-based CRM that provides different important functions and data for different departments. This system consolidates all customer, sales and inventory information and makes it available to all relevant employees.